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The History of Our Company

Established in 2016

A brief history

Established in 2016, Birch-HR is an excellent option for HR consultancy services in the educational sector, including maintained schools, academies, MATs, independent and free schools, SMEs and charities. “Birch” means strength and growth – a symbol for new beginnings, regeneration, hope and the promise of what is to come!

Birch-HR wanted their clients to have access to exceptional HR and leadership consultancy support, advice and guidance as well as improve the confidence of anyone the team interacts with. Their combined extensive HR consultancy experience within the educational and commercial sectors motivates them to provide a more effective, relevant, flexible and cost-effective way for clients to access expert HR support and advice. The Birch-HR team consists of like-minded HR professionals who wanted to work in a pragmatic and values-based way to resolve challenging strategic and operational leadership issues and effectively manage people challenges.

Birch-HR assessed their strengths as well as their combined education and public sector and commercial HR consultancy skills, expertise and knowledge. Utilising extensive, high-quality networks, combined with a resilient approach to deal with unprecedented challenges, the Birch-HR team provide clients with tailored responsive specialist support. Birch-HR have established themselves in the marketplace as an excellent HR consultancy service and as thought leaders. The HR team at Birch have channelled their passion, work ethic, values and dedication to guarantee a responsive, high-quality and cost-effective HR consultancy service.

Birch-HR wanted to focus on a social agenda business approach to support charities, voluntary work and by providing opportunities for young people and others to grow professionally and personally.

Birch-HR thank their clients, supporters and partners for joining them on their journey to be a nationally recognised exemplar of HR excellence.

“Your HR team are amazing”

Veronica Gosling, Headteacher, St John Vianney Catholic Primary School

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We provide regular HR news, briefing  and training events for our clients. We provide thought leadership articles for HR, education and business national media.

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

9th -15th May was Mental Health Awareness week and theme was loneliness.

At Birch-HR we asked what does wellbeing and mental health mean to employers?

Being a Good Intern

Being a Good Intern

The key to being a good Intern…enjoy yourself!

Our HR Intern, Peter Emmanuel, gives us a brief insight on what it is like to work at Birch-HR and gives his top tips on being a good Intern.

June is for proactively supporting employees

June is for proactively supporting employees

Did you know that creating an informed, open and supportive culture can really help your school and business become an employer of choice?

Becoming an employer of choice depends on several factors, but let’s start with making your team feel supported, performing well and a culture they genuinely enjoy working for.

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