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Recruitment and Talent Management

Recruitment & Talent Management

What does this service include?

You don’t need us to tell you that your people are your best asset. We understand how to help our clients plan and implement effective recruitment and talent management strategies, aligned with our education-specific HR knowledge. Let us help you navigate the most cost-effective advertising resources available, create an optimal candidate experience, attract the best talent and enable a fair, compliant and cost-effective recruitment and selection process. 

We have the capacity to undertake executive search and head-hunting for leadership and other specialist posts such as CEO, CFO, Headteacher, HR Director or Strategic Business Manager. We will help you construct an efficient recruitment campaign; assess candidate key abilities, skills and behaviours via panel interviews and perform relevant tasks and psychometric testing to ensure you find individuals who will work coherently with your principles, ethos and job priorities. Support can also be provided for devising successful retention strategies and utilising relevant tools for planning and implementing staff surveys or exit interviews to develop a more positive workplace culture and reduce staff turnover. 

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