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DiSC is a leading and trusted personal assessment tool, to help improve teamwork, communication, self-awareness, productivity, leadership effectiveness and develop collaborative working relationships.  Our Birch-HR network of trainers, facilitators and coaches, are DiSC accredited and have full access to the Everything DiSC and Five Lencioni Behaviours suite of assessments. Birch-HR can facilitate individual/team personality assessments, interactive leadership and team workshops, which act as a catalyst for change and can take your organization or multi academy to the next level.

Find out what drives you, what you bring to the workplace, what motivates you and frustrations. Build leadership and personal strategies to build on DiSC insights to increase effectiveness and improved understanding of how you interact with other styles.

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“The growth and development of people is a privilege of any leader”

Samantha Hulson, Managing Director, HR & Executive coach, Birch-HR

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