Environmental Statement and Social Responsibility

Environmental statement and social responsibility

At Birch-HR, we recognise the impact of wastefulness and as such, are committed to reducing our environmental footprint wherever possible. We continue to make a concerted effort to minimise waste, including:

  • Better utilisation of technology to reduce paper wastage. Our clients now sign documents through a digital signature software and we utilise collaborative applications, such as paper tablets to make group and individual notes and recommendations.
  • The provision of reusable bags to carry resources; You’ll be hard pushed to find supermarket carrier bags here!
  • The active encouragement of car sharing, use of public transport and other green methods of transport.
  • Over the past year, we have risen to the challenge of working virtually, and succeeded! We now have a well embedded policy of agile working, whereby our employees and associates can deliver our services regardless of the backdrop. Working from home, in the flex office space close to our clients and/or homes of our team, at client locations; wherever the location, you can be assured of the same high-quality service time-after-time. By doing this, we are actively reducing our footprint through the reduction of unnecessary travel and therefore enabling greater time to be dedicated to innovation, productive client and team work.
  • The Birch-HR membership of Staffordshire Business and Environmental Network (sben) programme, has helped companies like ours to improve our environmental performance and will continue to do so.
  • Wherever possible, we choose to recycle. 14 million tonnes of waste end up in UK landfills annually, with only 12 million tonnes being recycled. We make our own efforts as a business to contribute to turning this figure around by ensuring our office waste is recycled and our outdated equipment, such as laptops and printers are also reused. 
  • In addition, we aim to reduce our plastic usage through avoiding single-use plastic beverage containers, instead choosing re-usable alternatives, such as coffee mugs and water bottles.

One of our values is social responsibility, which means we focus on having a positive impact on society by supporting young people with employability opportunities and providing relevant support, mentoring and coaching to individuals to develop a career in HR and/or business. We recognise the link between employee engagement and volunteering, so we encourage our team to seek and partake in voluntary experiences that address the need for accomplishment, personal fulfilment, and humanity.  As we grow as a company, we will identify and seek out other opportunities to create a positive impact, such as providing further employment opportunities and donations to relevant worthwhile charities.

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