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Change Projects

Change Projects

What does this service include?

Our experienced and knowledgeable HR consultants can help you plan and implement your change project. We can work as your HR team and/or alongside your internal HR team to deliver strategic change priorities by providing dedicated and qualified HR professionals to successfully deliver your change project. We have the relevant experience and knowledge to support the centralisation of support services, such as finance, estates, IT, HR and procurement. We can support the introduction of new terms and conditions, harmonisation, new pay and grading, trade union consultation, employee engagement and others. Our services include support with planning, project management and culture change, developing a robust performance management approach. We will support leadership pay/benefit reviews and/or restructures.

“We have successfully supported some significant change projects, such as centralising support services for some of the largest Trusts in the UK, introducing new terms and conditions, pay and grading frameworks, contracts of employment, performance management frameworks to improve outcomes, manage risk and improve performance. We have the skills, knowledge, experience and toolkits in place to deliver any type of complex change programme”

Samantha Hulson, Managing Director, HR & Executive Coach, Birch-HR

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