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Mar 12, 2024 | News

What’s the added value of HR consultancy services?

HR consultancy provides significant added value to businesses, education and charity sectors by offering specialist expertise, strategic guidance and customised solutions in the realm of leadership and human resources. Many of our HR Consultants are former HR Directors with vast experience, skills and technical know how to ensure the most effective and efficient solutions.

I’ve thought about some of the highlights over the last few months: 

1. Expertise and specialisation

  • HR consultants often bring extensive knowledge, expertise and confidence in various HR domains, including employee relations, talent management, workforce planning, leadership and development, coaching and mentoring.
  • They stay updated on workforce and industry trends, best practice and legal regulation, ensuring that businesses receive informed current credible advice up to Executive Board level.
  • Our HR Consultants have a proven track record, many have led and managed successful teams and acquired business skills, which complement their people expertise.

2. Strategic HR Planning

  • HR Consultants help organisations align their HR strategies with overall business objectives and priorities. They contribute to the bottom line, to the development of long-term workforce plans that support growth, efficiency and culture change. We have drafted an Employee Relations strategy for a national project, bringing together four companies to deliver a challenging exciting project.
  • Strategic workforce planning may include talent acquisition, succession planning, and leadership skills development to meet future needs. Our fantastic leadership training focusses on people management, leading high performing teams and emotional intelligence. We help support leaders with the skills they need to lead and manage teams effectively. We have planned and developed some high impact leadership training for an engineering academy in discussion with their HR Manager, which will support their leaders and managers with people management challenges and provide insight. 

3. Customised Solutions

  • HR consultants tailor their services to the specific needs and challenges of each organisation. We care, we are passionate, and we get to understand their goals. The customisation ensures that solutions are relevant and effective in addressing unique leadership, HR and people issues. We are not afraid to challenge, to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Businesses can receive guidance on developing and implementing HR policies, procedures and practices that align with their company culture and goals. 

4. Compliance and Risk Management

  • HR consultants lead and assist in navigating complex employment matters, regulations and compliance requirements. They robustly help businesses mitigate risks associated with employment related issues, dealing with complex casework, representatives and exit strategies.
  • By staying informed about legislation, sharing expertise with talented HR and legal professionals, consultants’ guidance organisations in adapting their HR practices to remain complaint with procedurally robust processes.

5. Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

  • HR consultants streamline and navigate their way around the most complex leadership and people challenges. Having access to a team of expert professionals, with significant experience that most companies would not typically be able to afford or recruit, means that performance management and employee relations matters are effectively resolved, saving money and resources.
  • HR Consultants are normally well connected, with a range of skills, such as mediation, investigation, recruitment and talent management, coaching and learning and development to achieve operational and strategic excellence, saving precious time and resources.

6. Training and Development:

  • Consultants provide guidance on leadership and management training, helping businesses invest in their workforce skills and capabilities.
  • We offer worthwhile leadership development programs, and workshops to nurture talent within the organisation and to ensure a pipeline of future leaders and managers, who are equipped with the skills to effectively lead and manage high-performing teams and support growth. 

7. Conflict Resolution and Employee Relations:

  • HR consultants play a crucial role in resolving workplace conflicts and addressing employee relations issues. Their objective perspective can help identify root causes and quickly implement solutions to improve workplace culture, ensure solutions and harmony. If you observe a great HR consultant negotiating and consulting complex ER matters, then you will see what I mean.

8. Adaptability to Change:

  • In times of organisational change, such as mergers, acquisitions or restructuring, HR consultants can guide businesses through the transition. They help manage workforce adjustments, communication strategies and cultural integration. They use their skills across a range of different sectors to embed positive change.
  • Our HR consultants have successfully worked across a number of diverse sectors, such as education, NHS, police, construction, engineering, retail, finance, banking, mining, IT, recruitment, pharmaceutical, dealerships and charity sectors. We have just chaired a disciplinary hearing on behalf of a Company, to ensure independence, objectivity and compliance.

In summary, HR consultancy services contribute added value by providing expertise, strategic planning and tailored pragmatic solutions to enhance overall leadership and HR performance within an organisation. This leads to improved morale, productivity, performance, recruitment and retention and stronger alignment between HR practices and business objectives.

Ask about how we help support the business and education sectors achieve great leadership and people outcomes.

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