Case Study

Anonymous Whistleblowing Complaint


Anonymous Whistleblowing Complaint


What was the HR situation?

  • An anonymous whistleblowing complaint was received by the client about alleged misconduct of the Headteacher.
  • Client sought advice and agreed the complaint did not meet the whistleblowing criteria.
  • Matter considered and managed as a grievance.
  • Preliminary external investigation agreed by the client to establish the facts.
  • Trade Union on behalf of their members raised a collective grievance/dispute.

How did the Birch-HR Consultant(s) support?

  • Birch HR supported the commissioning officer, they drafted a planned approach, agreed terms of reference for the investigation, interviewed witnesses, gathered the facts and prepared a report. 
  • A summary outcome report was prepared and shared with the complainant, their trade union and the Headteacher. 
  • Our significant HR experience enabled us to provide clarity about the process and enabled the sensitive situation to be dealt with efficiently and efficiently through professional dialogue, considering a range of best practice recommendations to reach a resolution.

What was the outcome and how did HR add value?

  • The grievance matter was resolved and closed. 
  • The collective grievance and formal workplace dispute did not materialise. 
  • A protected conversation was held with the Headteacher and their representative. 
  • All the recommendations were implemented by the CEO and wider Trust to improve working practices, culture and reduce turnover. 
  • The trade union commended the way that their member and other witnesses were dealt with and agreed that the process was fair and robust.  Despite initially intending to call a dispute and commence legal action.
  • The Trust CEO stated that they were hugely impressed with the quality of the investigation, skill, experience and support to enable a resolution for both parties, which enabled the school and individuals to move forward. 

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