Being a Good Intern

Jun 23, 2021 | News

The Key to Being a Good Intern: Enjoy Yourself!  

Our HR Intern, Peter Emmanuel, gives a brief insight on what it is like working at Birch-HR and gives us his top tips on being a good Intern…

“I’ve had the pleasure to be working as the intern at Birch-HR for the past three months. During my time so far, I have worked alongside a dynamic and knowledgeable team, who have welcomed me with open arms and unbounding support.

After finishing my degree in HRM at Keele University, the opportunity to build on my knowledge via practical applications has enabled me to gain a breadth of understanding across employment relations, employment law and leadership development, amongst a host of other topics.

For the remainder of my time, I look forward to continuing my work and building my employability, fostered by the team’s supportive and inclusive culture. I am a strong believer that the internal workings of an organisation have a detrimental impact on their clients, and it is evident that Birch have acquainted themselves with satisfying the needs of its staff first to provide the best quality service to their clients.

Moreover, as part of Birch-HR’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, this extends to the creation of employability opportunities for young people like myself, engaging with my dedicated personal mentor throughout my assignment. Through this, they have encouraged me to explore new areas of interest and always offered support whenever it was needed.

There’s certainly been no making cups of tea here; this was instead supplanted by the opportunity to attend an array of meetings alongside the HR consultants, working with a variety of associates, creating innovative concepts for a range of projects and products. This is aside from being thrown in at my manageable deep-end, after assessing my needs and thresholds to provide me with an enriching and fulfilling programme to set me in good stead for the future

For any university leavers considering internships, my advice is to grab the opportunity with both hands. Come in with an open mind and positive attitude and you’ll leave with a range of new transferable skills, a network of new connections and the foundation built for an exciting career”.


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