Case Study

Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy


Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy

What was the HR situation?

  • A client wanted to introduce drug and alcohol testing into their medium-sized growing engineering Company.
  • They had a basic drug and alcohol testing policy but now needed to implement the testing.
  • They asked for HR advice, including an immediate improved policy framework and how to effectively implement it for health and safety and due diligence purposes.

How did the Birch-HR Consultant(s) support?

  • Our HR Consultant discussed the rationale and timescales with the Directors and executive team.
  • Our HR Consultant interpreted the disjoined mixture of rules from two main sources, including legislation and case law and drafted the policy, and associated template letters.
  • Our HR Consultant set out clear expectations and proposed a consultation process to gain feedback from the workforce prior to implementation, enabling a supportive workplace culture.
  • Our HR Consultant provided guidance and support throughout and signposted to a third-party provider for testing.
  • Our HR consultant considered the Company culture to support the policy, where disciplinary action is a requirement, but is not the default position.
  • Our HR Consultants ensured flexibility in the policy and implementation process, whilst reflecting the safety priorities, this included referring to the CIPD and HSE guidance and best practice.
  • Our HR Consultants provided a flexible policy framework, which included random and with-cause testing and implementation guidance.

What was the outcome and how did HR add value?

  • The client reviewed the policy and implementation proposals at an executive level and with managers.
  • The client, supported by HR consulted with the workforce and coordinated feedback responses.
  • The client implemented random and with-cause testing and the new policy.
  • The client is able to evidence safer working practices.

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