Accredited Menopause Training

Jun 17, 2024 | Uncategorised

Lead the way, raise awareness and be an employer of choice!

Menopause is thankfully a buzz word for many leaders and Organisations and from my experience it needs to be more than a tick-box exercise.  I have made it my mission to provide affordable, accredited Menopause training to all businesses ready to lead the way, raising awareness and to be an employer of choice.

Our Accredited Menopause training and/or workshops, help all Organisations understand the impact of negative Menopausal symptoms, how this manifest into the workplace and adjustments to retain talent.

Through this training we can offer advice on symptoms such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, feeling judged by others at work, inability to talk things through with line managers, temperature fluctuations at inappropriate times and lack of focus and concentration. They could also be experiencing sleepless nights, added anxiety and even depression. This all impacts at work.

By understanding the symptoms and taking positive steps to support women at this time in their life, it will mitigate the potential of low morale, loss of talent, reduce absenteeism, risk of costly employee relations issues and support culture change.

Women going through the Menopause are the fastest-growing workforce demographic, which means that 8 out of 10 menopausal women are in work.

I am proud to be working with Birch HR who are showcasing how best they continually support their Business and the clients they support, helping them to thrive and ensure they are leading the way. This includes providing advice on reasonable adjustments, a policy framework, checklists and managing change.

I very much look forward to working with your organisation to support and educate your leaders and teams to reduce the impact of negative Menopause symptoms on individuals and their workplace.

Contact Sarah at Birch-HR for a chat and find out more. Get the recognition your Organisation deserves for supporting women in the workplace.

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