Case Study

Recruitment and Talent Management


Recruitment and Talent Management

The school involved is a community special school for pupils with special educational needs. The school’s mission is to be a safe and inspiring place to learn.

Birch-HR started working with the management team, who discovered that a member of staff had not declared that she had been charged with criminal offences.

The school found this out when the police contacted the Local Authority to advise that the employee concerned had been charged with drink driving, aggravated arrest and other charges that questioned her suitability to be employed in a special school.

What was the HR situation?

  • The client had a vacancy for a Headteacher. 
  • The Multi-academy had not recruited a Headteacher for ten years and were worried about how they would approach the recruitment process.
  • The client required external HR resources and expertise to help manage an efficient and high impact recruitment campaign for this key leadership appointment.
  • The Multi-academy had a limited budget.

How did the Birch-HR Consultant(s) support?

  • The HR consultant arranged a pre meeting with the CSEL and Chief Financial Officer and Directors regarding the recruitment campaign, timeline, process and strategies to attract key leadership talent. 
  • Content for the new recruitment pack was prepared and a draft timeline and advert was prepared, cost effective advertising options were identified and agreed.
  • Selection and assessment processes were co-ordinated in line with safer recruitment policies, equalities, scheme of delegation and CES supporting recruitment documents.
  • The HR consultant was the key point of contact for all candidates, for keeping individuals updated, engaged and to deal with any recruitment queries.
  • The HR consultant attended the two-day interview process, to oversee a fair compliant process, to provide objectivity and support to the panel and candidates.
  • The HR consultant had detailed understanding of effective recruitment and selection methods, national and local terms and conditions, testing future skills and behaviours, equalities and the school safer recruitment policy framework.
  • Candidates were provided with valuable feedback, including their personality profile and outcome from the skills tests. 

What was the outcome and how did HR add value?

  • The client was able to appoint new Headteacher talent to provide quality leadership for the school and across the Multi-academy. The leadership team and Directors were delighted with the appointment. 
  • Unsuccessful candidates had a very positive experience of the recruitment process.
  • The school and Multi-academy had a robust  leadership recruitment process for any future appointments.

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