Special Leave of Absence

Notice to Employee

The special leave of absence procedure provides the school and/or multi-academy with special leave arrangements for compassionate or other personal leave instead of a statutory entitlement.

A reminder that the new special leave of absence procedure covers the following: 

  • Making a request for special leave.
  • Decision maker and appeals table.
  • Use of annual leave for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Discretion to grant special leave.
  • Reasonable time off for dependents – statutory entitlement.
  • Medical appointments.
  • Jury service.
  • Type of special leave which can be granted and whether paid or unpaid.

Birch-HR have drafted a notice to remind staff of expectations, their obligations and time off for dependents.  If you have a special leave procedure, please ensure all staff have access to this or signpost them to this information.

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HR UPDATE – Carer’s Leave Act from 6 April 2024

HR UPDATE – Carer’s Leave Act from 6 April 2024

The Carer’s Act makes provision for unpaid leave for employees to unpaid leave to give or arrange care for a ‘dependant’ who has: a physical or mental illness or injury that means they’re expected to need care for more than 3 months a disability (as defined by the...

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