Case Study

Swift Intervention Required Regarding Non-Disclosure of a Conviction


The challenge

The school involved is a community special school for pupils with special educational needs. The school’s mission is to be a safe and inspiring place to learn.

BIRCH-HR started working with the management team, who discovered that a member of staff had not declared that she had been charged with criminal offences.

The school found this out when the police contacted the Local Authority to advise that the employee concerned had been charged with drink driving, aggravated arrest and other charges that questioned her suitability to be employed in a special school.

What we did

BIRCH-HR worked with the management team to efficiently formulate the allegations and meet with the employee to explain to them that it was a disciplinary offence not to declare criminal charges.

The result

The employee was suspended and, with the support of BIRCH-HR, the school commenced formal disciplinary proceedings. The management team was relieved to have swiftly resolved an important disciplinary matter and removed an inappropriate member of staff from the school.

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