Case Study

New Academy Head Teacher Required Time-Saving HR Policies and Procedures


The challenge

BIRCH-HR were invited to perform a review of all of the HR procedures in respect of this academy, part of a small and dynamic group of schools. The previous Head Teacher had been in control of every possible administrative task. When that person left, a new Head Teacher started. The new Head found that, as he was getting settled into the role, every conceivable HR matter was being passed up to him. For him, this was completely unrealistic.

Approximately 5 years previously, the school had become an academy – however the HR policies and procedures had not been updated. The Head Teacher decided he needed the assistance of BIRCH-HR to refresh these, so that all members of staff could look at them and understand what the rules and standards were.

The Solution

It was agreed that the BIRCH-HR consultant would be employed for two days a week for first half of the autumn term.

Initially, we ensured that there were proper systems in place which were legally compliant and also identified where staff needed training. We then produced a whole new suite of policies, with an accompanying process flowchart and template letters. Our bespoke, BIRCH-HR created policies include more rigorous standards than those required by legislation and include:

  • appraisals
  • capability
  • code of conduct
  • disciplinary
  • flexible working
  • grievances
  • probation
  • redundancy and restructuring
  • sickness absence
  • special leave of absence.

Furthermore, we delivered an update to staff to explain to them what was happening and the reasons why. We also spent time with the school’s Business Manager, so that he/she was fully aware of all the new processes. Finally, we are going to present all the new policies to the school’s Governors.


The Head Teacher is delighted as we have saved him a huge amount of time on a daily basis. In addition, we have ensured complete consistency and transparency in HR rules and policies, so all staff know what to do and what they can ask for.

A new HR Officer is being recruited and when they start we will upskill them and ensure that they are fully conversant with the new processes. The HR Officer will be able to develop this consistent and transparent approach by utilising our solid set of policies, procedures and documentation. Staff morale will undoubtedly improve as everyone will know they are being treated equally.

Furthermore, it is a comfort to the Head Teacher and the Governors that, due to the new systems, structure and guidance, it’s unlikely they will come up against any staff issues. It is equally useful to know that, if any HR problems do arise, they have the necessary policies and procedure in place to handle them effectively.

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